Fit & Position

A bicycle should be an extension of the rider, not a machine with a seat that just happens to roll. Even the most high-end bicycle in the world is useless if it doesn’t fit the rider and complement their riding style and biomechanics. Fit can be for comfort or performance, but is usually a combination of the two. Whether the client’s goal is to win their age group or category at a race or just avoid saddle sores, we can help. We‘ve fit more than 2,000 riders over the last eight years, and we’re constantly learning, refining our techniques, and adopting the latest bike-fitting technologies to provide the best bike fit services to our customers. We look at bike fitting as an art form, not a perfect science. It’s an ongoing process that involves about 80% measuring and textbook set up along with another 20% rider feedback, tweaking, and analysis.

Excuse our mess! We’re in the process of updating this page, meanwhile, give us a shout to schedule your Fit with Andrew or Andy.