Fit & Position

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BG-FITA bicycle should be an extension of the rider, not just a machine with a seat that just happens to roll. Even the most high-end bicycle in the world is useless if it doesn’t fit the rider and complement their riding style and biomechanics.
A fit can be for comfort or performance, but is usually a combination of the two. Whether the client’s goal is to win their age group or category at a race or just avoid saddle sores, we can help. see the 5-Steps to the Perfect Fit.

We’re constantly learning, refining our techniques, and adopting the latest bike-fitting technologies to provide the best bike fit services to our customers. We look at bike fitting as an art form, not a perfect science. It’s an ongoing process that involves about 80% measuring and textbook set up along with another 20% rider feedback, tweaking, and analysis.


5 Steps to a Perfect Fit!


Physical Assessment

Ride Analysis



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