Shoe Fittings

Anybody can measure your foot and sell you a cool-looking pair of shoes off the shelf—except us.


While it’s true runners and walkers both need the same basic equipment—a good pair of shoes that fits properly, the similarities end there. There are tons of factors that determine the right shoe for the desired use—not one of those factors is how the shoe looks. In fact, at 3Sports we’re all about function, not fashion. As athletes, we understand the need for a comfortable shoe that enhances your biomechanics and helps keep you injury free. An improperly fitting shoe—one that doesn’t correctly meet your needs—can lead to blisters, knee, hip, and lower back pain, plantar fasciitis, or even a stress fracture.

When you walk in to 3Sports for a shoe consultation (no appointment necessary) one of our experts will talk to you about your fitness level and the type of exercise you are doing as well as take a look at your current shoes and your feet in order to assess their individual characteristics (arch height, foot shape, size, and width) and your specific requirements.

Next we’ll typically ask you to walk and or run for us, either in the shop, on the treadmill, or on the sidewalk outside our front door, so that we can evaluate your active foot strike and gait. With all of this information in hand we’ll disappear down the stairs and then magically reappear with several different shoes that we feel are the best match for you. Then it’s time to really do some running. Outfitted with the shoes that we selected for you, we want to watch you run or walk again so that we can evaluate our shoes’ affect on your biomechanics and so that you can feel the differences between their overall fit and ride (how the shoe feels on the pavement.) At the end of this process you’ll be a little winded and wearing a shoe that best meets your needs and ride preferences while still accounting for the support and cushion your dogs need to stay healthy and injury free.

Our goal in collecting all of this information is to help you walk (or run) out of here with a better understanding of your feet, and a new pair of kicks that fits just right.