Wetsuit Fittings


A wetsuit that fits right will do a couple of things for you:

• Make you swim much faster, with a lot less effort
• Compress you into a hydrodynamic, neoprene sausage

Fit, Fit, Fit.

We can’t stress the importance of a good fit for your wetsuit strongly enough; your wetsuit should fit you like a second skin. Realistically, the chances of ordering one that fits correctly without trying it on are slim to none—so come in to 3Sports for a free fitting.

When you come in for a fitting, be sure to bring your race-day kit or swimsuit, so that the best possible fit can be achieved. We’ll start by going over your needs and budget. Next we’ll help you figure out the best manufacturer, model, and size for you based on your body type. Then, once we get you into the right suit, we will fill you in on all of our wetsuit tips and tricks as well as the important care and feeding instructions you’ll need to know in order to keep your new suit in great shape.

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